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Best Practices for a Successful Giving Campaign

If you’re wondering how …

  • You can make your Shop for Good widgets more prominent in your store
  • To help make sure your customers are aware of your giving or how they can give back through your store
  • To inform shoppers they can choose a charity

Then keep reading! We’ve got actionable recommendations for you on how to get the most out of Shop for Good to run successful and profitable cause marketing campaigns on your Shopify store 🎉

Best Practices to Make Your Giving Campaign More Successful


The Round-Up widget automatically goes in the cart (or you can place it at checkout instead if you’re a Shopify Plus user!).

But what about the widgets for the other campaigns? Most campaign widgets can go pretty much anywhere!

Check out the table below for details on all your options:

Campaign widgetProduct Page (PDP)CartCheckout (Shopify Plus)
Round-Up (both versions)NoYes (automatic – will round up subtotal)Yes (manual – will round up total)
Donate for DiscountYes (automatic)Yes (manual)No
Donation TiersYes (automatic)Yes (manual)Yes (manual)
% of SalesYes (automatic)Yes (manual)Yes (manual)

“Automatic” and “manual” in the table above refer to the placement settings in your Shop for Good dashboard:

Automatic vs manual placement

While our giving widgets can go almost anywhere, we do recommend the following placements:

  • % of Sales: PDP, although some people also place it on the homepage and even the cart
  • Donate for Discount: PDP
  • Donation Tiers: PDP, cart, or checkout
  • Round-Up: cart or checkout (this campaign widget cannot be placed at PDP level)

Header notifications

You may want to let people know about your giving in your header so they know what to expect — no matter what page they land on when they first get to your website.

Check out how Krimson Klover promotes its Donate for Discount offer in the header for all customers to see right away:

krimson klover header

And here’s how Kind Healthy Life lets shoppers know every one of their purchases makes a difference to a cause they care about:

kind healthy life header

Announcing your give-back offer in the header is one of the best ways to ensure your shoppers know to look for it as they shop and can take advantage of it!

Hero image

Many stores will include a hero image with information talking about their chosen cause(s) or the give-back offer involved. If you’re enabling our Shopper’s Choice feature, you can also let shoppers know here that they can choose their favorite charity from the ones you’re supporting.

See how Hedley & Bennett are spotlighting their support of Baby2Baby in their slideshow at the top of their homepage:

hedley bennett hero

Even lower down on the homepage is great real estate where you can mention your giving. Ivory Ella has a section right below their hero image where they discuss donating 10% of net profits to their favorite cause:

ivory ella homepage

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a wonderful place to highlight your impact (hey, we have an impact widget for that!), discuss your brand’s core values, and talk about the nonprofits you’re supporting. This is also a stellar place to mention that shoppers can choose their favorite charity from the ones you’re supporting (if you’re enabling our Shopper’s Choice feature).

You can go all out or keep it simple — what’s important is to share what you’re doing with your audience.

This is how some of our brand partners are showcasing the charities they’re supporting on their website:

And if you’ve been giving for a while and have some data to showcase, connect the new impact widget from Shop for Good! Most brand partners are opting to display it on their landing/mission page. Check out how our brand partners are showing off their giving with the impact widget:

There you have it! Our best practices for displaying your Shop for Good widgets on your Shopify store. Be sure to also, of course, promote your giving beyond your website through channels including:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Paid ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • And so on

This will help you get more eyes on your website which is important for your business, always, but also because given similar price and quality of products, 91% of consumers said they would likely switch to purchasing to a brand that supports a cause they believe in, according to a Cone/Echo Global CSR Study.

This is huge! Let potential customers know you give back and they will be more likely to shop at your store. It’s a win-win-win (for you, your customers, and the charities that benefit)!

Add Shop for Good to your store and start giving back today

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