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Cause Funds is now live

I’ve got some big news for you today. We’re taking dailyKARMA in a totally new direction. And I want to tell you the story of why.

First, I want to thank you for supporting us throughout the last year. I’ve been amazed at the generosity of all of you donating to charities through our dailyKARMA app.

Since dailyKARMA’s inception, our mission has been to make giving part of everyday life. We wanted to make donating as easy as checking social media. If every social media user donated just fifty cents a day to a nonprofit, imagine the impact that would result. And thus, our microdonations app, dailyKARMA, was born.

Then, an unexpected turn of events shined a light on the significance of giving back. We witnessed the overwhelming uprising of voices in the US in response to one of the most controversial presidential elections of all time. Not only do people want to donate to multiple charities and manage giving from one central place, but there also needed to be a better way to advocate and identify yourself with all the causes that you support. Starting at the beginning of this year, we set out on a quest to solve this problem.

And now, I’m excited to announce the launch of dailyKARMA Cause Funds.

With Cause Funds, you can create your own personal fund filled with your favorite charities, so you can donate to all of them at once. Whether you donate occasionally, monthly, or annually, you can manage all your donations in one place.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve made it easy for you to share your Cause Fund to friends and family via your personal Cause Fund URL. Switch it up this year. Ask for contributions to your Cause Fund instead of birthday gifts, or after you finish running a 5k. Let’s consume less, and impact more.

I invite you to create your own Cause Fund today. We hope Cause Funds enables you to be confident that you are supporting all of the organizations that you believe in, all the time, in one easy place. Let’s make giving part of our everyday lives.

Choose giving,

Patricia Dao, CEO



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