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[Webinar] Choosing a nonprofit that resonates with your brand

The incredible duo of Jemma Lee (Ettika & Charged) and Mike Pasley (Idea Nest) joined up last week with our Chief Impact Officer, Melaney Lubey. The topic at hand – how do you choose a nonprofit to support through your online store?

In this webinar, we discussed how to select the best giving-back campaign for your store. This time around, we dove into deciding where the donations from that campaign should go.

Choosing a nonprofit that resonates with your brand

There are several core considerations when making this decision:

  • What charity aligns with your brand values?
  • What charity’s mission furthers your brand’s mission?
  • What cause is going to resonate with your customers?

We were lucky enough to hear two completely different approaches to answering those questions, both incredibly successful.

For Jemma, choosing Ettika’s charities was about being authentic and true to the brand. Her key question is: “How do we celebrate womanhood going forward?”

Customers shop at Ettika, in part, because of that message. If the charities share that message, they’ll resonate with the customers.

For Mike, the only consideration is if Idea Nest is picking, “the side of good.” With a broad range of products, he’s found success tailoring the charities to the good being sold.

When Kamala Harris was announced as the Democratic VP Nominee, for example, Idea Nest attached a set of woman-forward charities to a shirt with a well-known feminist slogan. Each strategy has its own benefit, and Shop for Good can accommodate them all.

Listen to your customers

One element they both spoke to was the importance of listening to the customer. Ettika incorporated donations to both Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 relief after hearing customer demand for the option. Idea Nest transitions between different campaigns by identifying who the “die-hard fans are in each niche.”

They stressed the importance of getting the charitable message out there in a way that speaks to the customer. One incredible example we heard highlighted how language can make all the difference. When running a campaign to raise money for a local charity, a Los Angeles-based food back, phrasing each donation as a meal served to someone in need produced a better response than the donation as a flat monetary amount. Help your customers find the connection between themselves and your cause, and you’ll see big returns.

Giving back isn’t seasonal or limited to a single movement. It’s an ongoing mission to make, as Mel told us, “your product more impactful.”

Give it a watch, and we can’t wait to see which charities you’ll pick:

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