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Introducing Shopper’s Choice & Charity-Product Grouping

We value your feedback and we’ve heard your requests. Introducing our latest, long-awaited features: Shopper’s Choice & Charity-Product Grouping.

Shopper’s Choice: Their dollars, their choice

UPDATE: Shopper’s Choice is now available with ALL Shop for Good plans!

With this feature, you can opt to let your shoppers choose to support their favorite of your selected charities rather than have their donation split among all the charities.

Their dollars, their choice! Shoppers can also let their donation be shared among all your charities.

Here’s how to use Shopper’s Choice and how it looks to your customers:

Charity-Product Grouping

Now you can allow different products to benefit different charities – perfect for special events and seasonal promotions!

You can now choose, for example, to have pink t-shirt sales support a charity for Breast Cancer Awareness Month while sales of a black sweater benefit a mental health charity — at the same time.

Get as creative as you want! Just click “Specific Products” under the “Apply to all products or specific products” section to access the dropdown menus and choose specific charities for each product.

Here’s how to set up Charity-Product Grouping via the Shop for Good dashboard:

You can now jazz up your promotions even more with Shopper’s Choice & Charity-Product Grouping. Available for these customer-facing campaigns:

  • Donate for Discount
  • Donation Tiers
  • Round-Up and Round-Up with Custom Donations (Shopper’s Choice only – as Round-Up applies to every item in the order)
  • % of Sales

Charity-Product Grouping is included with our Growth and Pro plans, while Shopper’s Choice comes with ALL plans.

Log into your store and put these new features to work for your latest campaign!

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91% of consumers said they'd likely switch to purchasing from a brand that supports a cause they believe in.

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