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Success Stories from Brands Using Shop for Good

Our Shopify app Shop for Good has been installed by thousands of e-commerce brands selling everything from intimate apparel to tea and dog kennels.

So what do these stores have in common? They are driven by their values and a mission to make our planet better through philanthropy.

The thing is that philanthropy doesn’t have to be a complicated, red-tape-laden endeavor. Shop for Good makes it easy by handling all the legalities and disbursement to the nonprofits you and your customers care about — and it’s been known to boost sales in the process!

Success Stories from Brands Using Shop for Good

Meet a few of our brand partners: John Masters Organics, Bubba Rose Biscuits Co., and Adina’s Jewels and hear how using Shop for Good enhanced their average order value (AOV) and customer engagement and helped them make a difference:

  • John Masters Organics saw a 56% engagement rate and a 17% lift in AOV
  • Bubba Rose experienced a customer engagement rate of 20% for over a year using Donate for Discount together with a higher AOV
  • Adina’s Jewels helped raise over $15K for charity in just one month

Making giving back a part of your brand is easy with Shop for Good. Pick your charity, pick your campaign, and launch. 

Whether you wish to support nonprofits that benefit Black communities, Covid-19 relief efforts, or nearly anything else — you can do it with Shop for Good and even improve your sales at the same time.

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91% of consumers said they'd likely switch to purchasing from a brand that supports a cause they believe in.

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