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Support Emergency Covid-19 Relief in India

A devastating second wave of the pandemic is sweeping through India, overwhelming hospitals and leaving hundreds of thousands sick without access to treatment. Keep reading for a list of vetted nonprofits working on the ground to support emergency Covid-19 relief in India.

Facing a shortage of ventilators, oxygen, PPE, and ICU beds, clinics are desperately struggling to provide relief to those infected. On May 5th, 2021 alone 412,431 new cases were reported (New York Times).

In times of crisis, we find strength in communities banding together to provide support and mutual aid. We’re sublimely lucky in the U.S. (and countries such as England) where anyone who needs a vaccine can get one.

It’s our turn to help international communities still struggling, including India, where DailyKarma’s own Executive Chairman & Founder, Rajeev Mecheri, lives and works to drive social change. 

Support Emergency Covid-19 Relief in India

Indian Nonprofits Helping Covid-19 Victims and Frontline Workers

The Indian nonprofit Bhoomika Trust is our main recommendation at this time. This Chennai-based organization is providing direct help to those who need it within the country.

We also recommend CARE India, based in New Delhi. They are working with partners across 100 countries helping the most marginalized women and girls in the fight against Covid-19.

International Nonprofits Helping Covid-19 Victims and Frontline Workers

These organizations are committed to healing India and seeing every last patient and family member safely through. Your support is a lifeline, keeping people breathing.

The following organizations are based in the U.S. or internationally:

  • AmeriCares: rushing ventilators, hospital beds, medicine, and oxygen to hospitals. Current donations will be matched 2X up to $500,000.
  • Give2Asia: partnering with trusted nonprofit organizations to support frontline health workers and at-risk communities.
  • International Medical Corps: activating the Emergency Response Team to help meet the most urgent health needs and address vaccine misinformation.
  • Project HOPE: procuring and distributing medical supplies and equipment, training front-line health workers, and educating communities about how to stop the spread.
  • Sundara Fund: launching the Emergency Aid Program to provide urgent assistance on the ground including covering medical bills, bereavement stipends, and delivering soap to public hospitals who have run out.
  • UNICEF USA: the largest and fastest vaccination program ever, currently immunizing 45% of the world’s children every year.

India’s healthcare system is fatally overtaxed and in dire need of even the most basic necessities. Every dime raised in support will go to saving lives and increasing vaccinations to halt the spread before it further ravages the country.

Join the fight to combat the coronavirus storm today. Every second is an opportunity to change the course.

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