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[Webinar] Which give-back campaign is best for me?

Choosing a give-back campaign to align your mission with your e-commerce brand can be challenging — but we’re here to help!

Hear from our Chief Impact Officer, Melaney Lubey, on different giving campaigns you can implement for your brand and your customers to donate to causes dear to your heart (and your shoppers’ hearts!). All you need is to install the Shop for Good in your Shopify store.

You’ll hear how to keep your marketing fresh by picking the right give-back campaign to run your cause marketing strategy through different times of the year and for responding to urgent world events like the Covid-19 pandemic or the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon in August 2020. This the first of our weekly webinar series.

Watch the webinar: Which give-back campaign is best for me?

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91% of consumers said they'd likely switch to purchasing from a brand that supports a cause they believe in.

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