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How ID10t supported The Actors Fund during COVID-19

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Donations matched by founder Chris Hardwick


Sold out within 20 minutes


Raised for charity in 20 minutes


Id10t, spearheaded by Chris Hardwick, teamed up with the Shop for Good team to inject financing into The Actors Fund and support the creative community severely impacted by COVID-19.

The partnership sought to create massive website engagement and get customers excited about the idea of giving back to the world of entertainment.

Hardwick and his company devised a marketing strategy and product, Shop for Good provided the logistic and financial backing to route all the money raised to charity.


Beginning with their podcast platform, Id10t found another partner in actress and Co-Chair of The Actors Fund Artists’ Committee, Laura Linney. Linney contributed 50 signed, personalized postcards to the campaign to be sold to raise money.

Through their social media following, Id10t and its associates raised awareness about the sale and the value of the charity. Shop for Good provided additional social media support and the website technical support to ensure the event went off without a hitch.

With the help of Shop for Good, Id10t was able to stay in compliance with donation regulations and avoided the need for co-venturing. Integration of the app was seamless, and the Shop for Good team handled all financials and software logistics to make the campaign a smashing success.

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Benefited Charity

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An organization dedicated to supporting artists and their artistic endeavours through financial support, career development, fostering diversity & inclusion, and much more.

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