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Shop for Good

The best way to increase sales
and raise money for charity.


For merchants looking to jumpstart their cause marketing journey

  • Donate a Portion of Sales
  • Round-up for Charity
  • Impact Tracker
  • Charity Vetting/Donation Processing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Prompt Email Support
* + 10% donation processing + cc transaction fees deducted from each donation


For merchants who want to build a mission-driven narrative and launch various campaigns year-round

  • All Entrepreneur Features
  • Donate for Discount
  • Round-up with Custom Donations
  • Donation Tiers
  • Custom Widget Colors
  • Priority Support


For Shopify Plus or large merchants that require premium support and hands-on strategic services

  • All Emerging Brands Features
  • Branded Widgets + Font Integration
  • Strategic Cause Marketing Manager
  • Advanced Conversion Analytics
  • VIP Technical Integration + Support


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Impact Campaigns

Portion of Sales Donation Campaign & Widget (Brand Contributes)

Round-Up Campaign & Widget (Customer Contributes)

Round-Up For Discount Campaign & Widget (Customer Contributes)

Round-Up With Custom Donation & Widget (Customer Contributes)

Donate for Discount Campaign & Widget (Customer Contributes)

Donation Tiers Campaign & Widget (Customer Contributes)


Impact Trackers

Shopper's Choice

One-time Donations (Brand Contributes)

Donation Matching (Brand or Customer Contribute)

Link Different Nonprofits To Different Products or Collections

Custom Widget Colors

Custom Brand Font Integration

Branded Widget Design Integration


Real-time Donation Reporting

Customer Engagement Trends

Campaign Comparison Report

Customer Donation Insights

Customer Nonprofit Preferences

Monthly Donation Receipts

Customer Engagement Export

Nonprofit Vetting & Compliance

Support Up to 20 Nonprofits at One Time

Nonprofit Verification

Nonprofit Donation Processing

Fundraising Compliance

Support & Account Management

Knowledge Base Including Video Tutorials and Webinars

Email Support

Priority Technical Email Support M-F, 24-hour Turnaround

Chat Support

1-hour Onboarding Kickoff & Strategy Session

Strategic Cause Marketing Manager

VIP Technical Support M-F, 3-hour Turnaround

Monthly Integration Support & Customization, Up to 2 Hours Per Month

Individualized Nonprofit Recommendations and Cause Marketing Plan


What is Shop for Good by DailyKarma?

Shop for Good is the Shopify app by DailyKarma. Shop for Good is a Shopify customer engagement and fundraising app that integrates directly into e-commerce storefronts. Shop for Good allows brands to do good while increasing sales and customer affinity through charity-linked purchases.

How can I add Shop for Good by DailyKarma to my e-commerce store?

If you run a Shopify store, the Shop for Good app by DailyKarma is available in the Shopify App Store. Click "Add app" and follow the set-up instructions in the Shop for Good dashboard.

If you run a store on a different platform, you can leverage our API. Book a call with us to learn more.

Is there a list of nonprofits currently supported in your platform?

Once you download the Shop for Good app onto your Shopify store, you can browse the nonprofits in our system by category.

You can also easily add a new one! We can add any nonprofit that is U.S.-based, has a valid public 501(c)3 status, and is in good standing with the IRS. We are also able to add international organizations -- just request them through the Shop for Good charity search! We usually approve new nonprofits within 24 business hours.

You can support up to 20 nonprofits at a time on your store through Shop for Good by DailyKarma.

How much of the donations are received by the charities?

Our Emerging and Scaling plans both ensure that 100% of the donations reach the nonprofits you are supporting through your store.

With the free Entrepreneur plan, at least 90% (minus minimal credit card fees) of the donation is received by the nonprofits. You have the option to elect to cover the administrative and technical costs so that 100% of the funds received go to charity. The processing fees are based on the donations, not the order amount. Please contact support@dailykarma.com if you’d like to cover costs.

How do nonprofits receive donations that come through DailyKarma?

Funds are sent through The GoodCoin Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), to process payments to the nonprofits you support. The GoodCoin Foundation holds a Donor-advised Fund that is pre-loaded by DailyKarma so that when transactions are tallied, funds can be distributed within 30 days. The GoodCoin Foundation and DailyKarma comply with all Commercial Co-Venture and Professional Fundraiser rules and regulations as required in various States depending on the scope and structure of your campaign.

The GoodCoin Foundation will mail the nonprofit a check or an electronic payment (direct deposit). To receive donations through DailyKarma via The GoodCoin Foundation as a charity, you must be a 501(c)3 in good standing, opt into online giving and third-party data sharing with Guidestar, have an accurate business address in Guidestar, and not be a non-operating private foundation.

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