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Shop for Good by DailyKarma x Smile: New Integration Alert!

Today’s customers are looking for something different in their shopping experience. For the modern buyer, a purchase is so much more than the good or service itself. It’s an active decision to make an impact on the world at large — which is why our Shop for Good x Smile integration is so powerful.

At DailyKarma, we strive to help brands and customers form a connection based on their shared drive to make conscious, socially-responsible choices with their wallet. And Smile.io understands the incredible power of community-building to increase customer loyalty and charitable giving. It’s a match made in app heaven!

How It Works

With Smile, you can link your brand’s reward program with your brand’s mission. You choose the donation options that fit your campaign and your customers earn points for each donation they make.

Now, you’re doubling the positive reinforcement for your customers and bolstering their commitment to your brand and mission.

“Rewarding shoppers for having a positive impact on the world around them makes everybody a winner and helps online stores build relationships with their customers that go beyond a simple sale — perfect timing for the upcoming holiday season!”

Mike Rossi, Smile Co-founder & CEO

We’re all processing massive amounts of information daily and it’s easy to get lost in all the pitches and choices. Personalizing and visualizing the charitable process with Smile lets customers engage more directly with the process. The more involved your customer feels, the closer they relate to the brand identity.

Read our knowledge base article on how to integrate Shop for Good by DailyKarma with Smile.

Why It Works

The theory behind cause marketing is wonderfully simple – doing good makes people happy! The act of giving-back produces a positive neural response, making your customers feel warm and fuzzy for having a socially conscious wallet.

Throw in reward psychology (which is what happens when you integrate Shop for Good by DailyKarma with Smile!) and you’ve got the highest likelihood of turning your customers into lifetime customers who return to shop at your store again and again.

It’s all about reciprocity. By rewarding your customers, you’re strengthening your shared values. You’re building a relationship based on mutual giving.

Looking Forward

“By using an authentic mission-driven narrative to communicate with their loyal shoppers, brands strengthen their bond with their socially conscious consumers while driving impact for the causes they care about.”

Patricia Dao, DailyKarma CEO

We couldn’t be more pleased to be integrating Shop for Good with Smile and helping customers feel proud of their purchases while helping the nonprofits that need it most. Give customers the opportunity to give whenever you can and in return, you’ll get back an increase in repeat purchases, an increase in AOV, and more.

It couldn’t be easier to get started! Check out the video below, and see what the new Shop for Good by DailyKarma partnership with Smile can do for your brand.

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91% of consumers said they'd likely switch to purchasing from a brand that supports a cause they believe in.

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